Friday, August 17, 2012

Sun Child's Moon

Ra's Day
LuniSol - Moonth 9, Day 16
Metonic - Year 13, Lunation 207, Day 1
Dreamspell - Red Electric Dragon (3 Imix) - Kin 81
Mayan Tzolk'in - 8 Ix (White Galactic Wizard) - Kin 34
Mayan Ha'ab - 7 Yaxkin

New moon in sidereal Leo
Kemetic lunar leap month Djehutet

During the Sun Child's Moon, we concentrate on creativity in any endeavor, and we try to reattain that childlike confidence of the era before we became conscious of the criticism of others. It's also a good time for people who are not tentatively get up on stage and try their best. If we can neither create nor perform, then the task is to focus on feeling joy and on spreading that joy to others by whatever means we have. - Moon Phase Astrology by Raven Kaldera.

I'm pretty creative, I suppose. My poetry book is still waiting to be written though. I've always wanted to perform one of my original writings at an open mike. I'm a member of my local UU church's choir. For an introverted person, this is a big step.

What creative skills or talents do you have?

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