Wednesday, March 1, 2017

UU Lent 2017 - Quiet

First day of the month, first day of my work week, first day of the Christian holiday Lent. I'm still working nights so sleeping during the day. No one is here but my furbabies. Most of them sleep with me so they won't bark. Cellphone is turned off. House phone is turned off. Sign is posted on the front doors to keep people from knocking.

Quiet is important. I cannot sleep with noise. It can't be too quiet; I have the tv on very low - white noise I suppose. If it's too quiet, my mind starts wandering, going back to times when I was a kid, or replaying negative experiences wishing I had done something different, or wishing I had a regular daytime job.

Make time for quiet. Today's world is so fast-paced there is no time to think. We get our info in 140 characters or less. Our attention strays after 6-10 secs. Everyone is not into nature but find something that calms you, that quiets your thoughts. And do...Nothing.