Thursday, May 9, 2013

Infant's Moon

New Moon in sidereal Aries
Annular (ring of fire) solar eclipse

On the Infant's Moon, we begin things. That's what it's for. It is the Fool card of the Tarot deck, blithely stepping off the cliff with unquenchable faith in the Universe's benevolence...The Infant hasn't been hurt yet; he suckles needily trusting that it will be there again in an hour when he is hungry, and again, and again.We can't imagine that far back but we can imagine it. Or rather we need to be able to imagine it if only for a few minutes. - Moon Phase Astrology by Raven Kaldera.

The new moon is always for beginning things. I will begin posting on my blog more regularly and visiting the blogs that I'm subscribed to.

Did you set any goals this moonth?