Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dianic Tradition and transfolk

A Facebook post on About Pagan/Wicca prompted this entry. Amy, a transwoman, was not allowed into a Dianic coven. Dianic Tradition is for women only and apparently this does not include people such as Amy who happened to be born in the wrong body. For a brief description of Dianic Trad:


On one hand, a tradition has rules and if you don't like the rules, well, find another trad that's more to your liking. On the other hand, no one has a right to invalidate anyone else. I'm not going to argue the point that Amy is or is not a "real" woman because she wasn't born with woman parts. The same argument can be said of women who undergo masectomy or hysterectomy. They no longer have woman parts.


The point is that some feel Wicca is suppose to be all inclusive, that it shouldn't be discriminatory. As big as Paganism is, there *is* a place for everyone. If Dianic Tradition won't accept Amy, I am sure another tradition will or she can start her own coven. Generally speaking, I feel that Paganism is not discriminatory. However, if one wants to join a coven or tradition, there are rules. There is one tradition where you have to be of a certain genetic background as they feel that, for example, a person of African descent should reach out to African god/desses.


So to Amy, I hope you find a place in Paganism where you are comfortable. Goddess Bless )O(


PS. Why I didn't join a Dianic coven - too anti-male for me. You can be pro-female without being anti-male.