Monday, January 30, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Lunar 9 - 1st quarter Moon in sidereal Aries
Dreamspell - White Crystal Wind - Kin 142
Long Count - 3 Ix - Kin 94

I got my severance papers from work. Makes it all real *sigh*. I'll look at the paperwork tomorrow and plan out my next few months. I want to concentrate on doing things around the house and getting back into a productive routine which includes doing my rituals and exercising. I'm looking forward to taking my Tai Chi class on Saturdays. Wonder if I will need a special outfit?

I want to do a Tarot spread, thinking of using the Mystic Goddess deck.

Feb 4 is astronomical Imbolc aka first day of spring. This has been a really mild winter.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Moonth 2 - Lunar Moon of Challenge

Geb's Day
Lunar 1
New moon = new beginning.

The company I work for decided that they no longer needed my team. Looks like I have a mandatory vacation for a minute so I have time to work on my spirituals studies. I looked into this Dreamspell calendar. It's very interesting but I will adapt it for my needs. It's based on the traditional Mayan calendar. There is an affirmation for each day which I find helpful for meditating.  However I don't agree with the Dreamspell year beginning on July 26; it doesn't make sense to me. Dreamspell also skips leap day. While I will use the daily spells, I will reset the months according to the winter solstice. This is the 2nd new moon since the solstice.

Dreamspell - White Self-Existing Wizard (4 Ix) - Kin 134
Mayan - 8 Cimi (White Galactic Worldbridger) - Kin 86