Friday, August 31, 2012

Friendship Moon

Nut's Day
LuniSol - Moonth 10, Day 2
Metonic - Year 13, Lunation 207, Day 15
Dreamspell - Blue Self-Existing Eagle (4 Men) - Kin 95
Mayan Tzolk'in - 9 Lamat (Yellow Solar Star) - Kin 48
Mayan Ha'ab - 11 Mol

Full moon in sidereal Aquarius

On the Friendship Moon, we hang out with our friends. You can sit around and talk about what friendship means to you and to society, but it's probably a lot more fun to spend time with people you like and care about. - Moon Phase Astrology by Raven Kaldera.

I miss my cousin. And by cousin I mean a close family friend. She's JW and can't (won't) speak to me because of the religion. She used to always watch my kids. She has kids of her own that I don't even know.

I miss my sister-girl, my kids' godmother. Hopefully she will be here in the States for our high school reunion. I went to see her in Denmark this summer. We sat and chilled and had a good ol' time. We talk via Facebook and call each other occasionally due to the long distance charges. She's the type of friend that I can call after months and we will pick right up like we just chatted yesterday.

I miss my sister. We used to karaoke all time. She's not baptized but she won't friend me on Facebook because of all her more important JW friends.

Thank goodness for the Internet. I've met lots of folk that I wish I could meet in person. Witchy folk, exJW folk, techie folk, Trekkie folk, Buddhist folk. Nice to have people that understand what you are going through. The 'net has also opened me up to different viewpoints. I associate with folk that I would be forbidden to if I were still JW.

Tell me about your best friend or your circle of friends.

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