Friday, August 24, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Q is for Quantum Physics

Yesterday's magic is today's science.

There are two sets of laws that govern our universe: the laws that explain the happenings in the universe at large and the laws that explains what happens at the subatomic levels.

Definition of Quantum Physics
Also known as quantum mechanics or quantum theory. As said above, QP explains what happens at the subatomic levels. It's also responsible for the parallel universe and multiverse theories. Are you familiar with Schrödinger's cat? A theoretical cat is placed in a box with poison. Until the viewer actually opens the box to see the cat, QP says the cat is both alive and dead. (I'm simplifying this thought experiment; read the link for a better explanation.) QP provides for nearly "anything " to be possible. Every possibility exists until the event has occurred. In other words, just as it is possible for the winning mega millions numbers to repeat themselves in two consecutive drawings, the Quantum universe when applied beyond the sub-atomic level says it is "possible" though unlikely to smash a coke bottle into a brick wall from afar and have all of the shattered pieces land in such a way as to reassemble the shattered pieces.

QP and Witchcraft
When I told my hubs about witchcraft, he told me about QP. I was amazed at how much sense they both made when applied together. What we see as solid objects are energy patterns densely packed together. QP  says that an event's outcome depends upon the expectations of the observer. The observer has direct influence over the outcome.

A spell is cast in the same way; for example, the wording for a new job spell is "I have a new job," not "I will get a new job." Most witches agree that details such as tools, potions, time of day, moon phase, etc. are extras. The most important part of the spell is the intent of the caster. If you have a bad attitude or do not truly believe the spell, it will not work or it will not have the outcome that you wish.

Are you a witch who is fond of science? Do you feel that science complements your witchcraft?

Special thanks to my hubs for some of the scientific content. Maybe one day he will write an entire post!

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