Monday, October 29, 2012

Warrior's Moon

Sekmet's Day

Full moon in sidereal Aries

On the Warrior's Moon, we fight for what we believe in. This is a lone battle, and it is especially effective if we are fighting with no approval from others...[This] is also a time of...learning patience. - Moon Phase Astrology by Raven Kaldera.

How appropriate for today! Right now the East Coast is battling with Hurricane Sandy. Everything is just about closed. My electricity is still working for right now so I want to get this post in. I had 2 dreams last night where I was fighting. In the first one it was with my sister; in the second one it was with my mother. As you know, I haven't had any meaningful conversations with them in a long time. Still a struggle being pretty much an only child and orphan while family is still alive.

I believe in my spirituality. Health issues are keeping me from doing as much as I want to do. Absolutely positive that Christianity is not for me. I look forward to celebrating public and family holidays. Since most of the world is Christian, Paganism is a religion that lot of folks are "scared" of. They point to all the scriptures that denounce witches, demons, magic, and spiritistic practices. I don't proselytize but I'll gladly answer any questions related to my path or Paganism in general.

Now that I'm registered to vote, I believe in voting for the candidate that best aligns with your views. I believe in being educated as much as possible about the election process. Yes, there's almost no change of 3rd party candidate winning the presidential election due to the electoral college. True sports fans still cheer for their team even when odds are against them.

What are things that you believe in that go against societal norms?

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