Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TSC - Kill a Pit Bull Day???

Why would anyone want to hurt my cousin Titan and all like him?
Cousin Titan with my Auntie Bren @

Mom tells me that there are people who want to hurt pit bills and black cats on Halloween. Gladly, there are people who want to keep them safe. Some shelters are not adopting out because of this threat. That means no loving families for a whole month!

Not are breeds are good for all people. Mom said she picked me because I'm so small and cuddly. (Actually I picked her!) Auntie Bren is an advocate for doggies like Titan. He is a rescue like me and I'm glad he has a loving mom.

I'm pretty smart. But I still can't figure out why people want to hurt us. We are loyal and protective. Cats are magical and they have 9 lives. We provide companionship and health benefits to our human families. May we all be safe. Woof.

Pawfully yours,


  1. Fabulous post Samus! Thank you for spreading the story. I pray for all the furbabies, that nothing happens and it's all a hoax. Hugs and kisses from Auntie Bren and Cousin Titan!