Friday, March 30, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - G is for Goddess

Disclaimer: Since I am a cisgendered female, it is comforting to me to relate to the Divine as Female. Deity is different for everyone and may be female, male, all, neither, and any shade between.

I honor the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, Womanhood, and all that comes with it. Yes, it can be trying at times especially with PMS and moon time. Yet, I am happy to be female. Imagine my joy when I discovered paganism and was introduced to the concept of Goddess! I was never close to Jehovah, though I really tried to be. He was "up there", faraway. JWs would always talk about how worshipping Jehovah was so joyful. I couldn't see it. With the many restrictions of the JW religion, I was miserable not happy.

Paganism in general embraces both the Feminine and Masculine. I choose the Feminine because it makes sense to me. The Goddess is not just "up there", She is also within. My spirituality is no longer a burden. I am learning about Isis, Bast, Hathor, and the Egyptian pantheon. Embracing my (inner) Goddess has encouraged me to quit using chemicals to straighten my natural hair - there will be another whole post on this later.

Moon Goddess
Most cultures view the moon as female. In paganism, there is the Triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother, Crone - along with the Dark Goddess. Each of these aspects correspond to the 4 main moon phases.

Earth Goddess
Mother Earth, Mother Nature, even Aunt Flo - the Feminine embodies nature.

Sun Goddess
Although many cultures view the sun as masculine, a few do not. Amaterasu is a widely known Japanese sun goddess.

Planet Goddess
Sadly, other than Earth & Venus, all of the planets are name after Gods. There are asteriods named for Goddesses such as Vesta and Ceres.


  1. Nice post. Venus is Also named after the Goddess. Thoth/Tehuti is one of the few Moon Gods.

    1. Crap! How could I have forgotten Venus? Good call!

  2. Beautiful post! Ever since a few weeks ago, I feel closer to the Earth and Moon Goddess more than Thor. I came into this thinking I should have a male role as my God but my path is showing me otherwise. Once again, great post girlie! I so enjoy reading your blog! :) Muwah!