Friday, March 23, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - F is for Fat

Venus von Willendorf 01.jpg
Venus of Willendorf
Yeah, I went there. I'm fat, overweight, heavy-set, big, plus-size, queen-size, or whatever euphemism you wanna use. I'm also Pagan. Now there are those who feel that witches shouldn't be fat because that means we are not taking care of ourselves. So what if the cake and ale is soda and cookies? We shouldn't be judging each other's paths or bodies. Last time I checked, paganism is a fertility spirituality. Lots of fertility goddesses are fat and plump. I always said I had the body of a goddess :)

In ancient societies, the fertility priestess is usually large with wide hips and big breasts. Tribal communities valued fat women over slim women because that means that they ate enough food. There was this NatGeo show where the bride-to-be would be fed milk and bread to be fattened for her wedding day.

Being fat is equated with being happy and satisfied. Ever see a skinny super-model smiling? Me neither. Take a look at my man Buddha over here. Big belly, big smile. Don't forget about Ol' Saint Nick. How would you feel about a skinny Santa?

Being fat does not equal being unhealthy. Really. I know people who take more medication than I do and I'm twice their size. So who's healthier? Being fat is not evil or ugly. I was a bit peeved with Shrek. Fiona was skinny in her human form but fat in her ogre form perpetuating that fat is ugly.

I'm not advocating that we not take care of ourselves. I do want to lose weight (I think that will increase my chances of conceiving). What I am asking is that people don't judge or assume. After all, the body is just a temporary shell. We are all energy inside the shell. Like temples, our bodies come in different sizes. My temple just happen to take up two city blocks but it's a temple nonetheless.


  1. Wonderful post! I'm big, fat, obese (apparently) and you know what? I don't really care! I love myself! Ok I could actually use losing a couple of stones but I'm doing it very slowly and healthily but I'll always be a big girl. And absolutely NO diets for me (horrid word!) Thank you for writing this.
    Bright blessings

    1. Every time I diet I get depressed. Really. Big girls rule!

  2. I agree with a lot of what you say. I'm a size 12 myself and sometimes I find it difficult to find clothes that fit me - and my best friend is a size 18+... so something is really, really off in society today.

    But I've also heard negative feelings expressed towards thin people - a very good friend of mine was just walking by the bus stop when two young girls insulted her as an "anorexic bitch," not knowing that she had a kidney disease and couldn't gain weight.

    So yes, definitely, we shouldn't judge others just by their appearance, because you never know what goes on inside their bodies and minds!

  3. Beautiful post and very well said. People are always to quick to judge, especially when it comes to outter appearances. Rock on gf, from another curvaceous girlie! :)

  4. I know from experience that health issues can and do cause excess weight (or lack of enough). I was always quite thin and muscular until I was hit with a Thyroid disorder and then many more AutoImmune Disorders. Now I am around 14-16 when I was always 8-10. My boys, on the other hand are TOO thin and have trouble putting on weight.

    I can't say that I find obesity "itself" beautiful, especially Leonard Nimoy's Full Body Project girls in the nude photos, but I have many very confident and beautiful friends (moreso than me when I was thin) with lots of extra weight. I do not tend to even "see" a person's outer shell (well, unless she is a really large girl and wearing a napkin instead of a tablecloth when she really needs a bit more than a napkin and stuff is rolling out here and there and screaming at people, lol).

    Very valued post!

    1. Must take a look at the full body project girls. BTW, did u see the youtube video about the fat stripper? I wish I had her confidence.

  5. Really inspirational stuff! You're so right!

  6. Nice post. Society really is weight-obsessed, when health should really be a more important issue. And you're right, despite what people believe, you can't actually judge how healthy a person is by their weight.

    I'm personally suspicious of skinny chefs. Giada De Laurentiis is pretty, but does she every actually eat any of that food she makes?!

  7. Good post. Somebody explained it to me this way: "it doesn't matter if I'm fat because I have a thyroid problem, or if I'm fat because I eat 12 pizzas a day; I'm human, so treat me as a human."