Thursday, March 15, 2012

Monthly meditations via Dreamspell

Isis' Day
Galactic 24
Dreamspell - White Self-Existing World-bridger (4 Cimi) - 186
Mayan Tzolk'in - 9 Cauac (Blue Solar Storm) - Kin 139
Mayan Ha'ab - 7 Kumku

The Maya used different calendar systems. The spiritual one was 260 days (tzolk'in) and the agricultural or solar one was 365 days (ha'ab). Research indicates that the Maya didn't bother with leap days. The Dreamspell calendar system is based on the authentic Mayan calendar systems. I use a modified Dreamspell system in my practice. As I was going through the Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, I noticed meditations for every 20 days (called uinals, winals, or vinals depending on what website you visit). I could not find any further information on these meditations except what was in the book. A vinal is a 20-day Mayan month in the solar calendar. The remaining 5 days were called wayeb. If you have any background on these meditations, do share. The month's name is followed by the meditation.

1 Pop - The one who knows
2 Wo - Listens in silence
3 Sip - in order to integrate the universe
4 Sotz - based on knowledge
5 Tzek - that reaches the foundations
6 Xul - where with great wisdom a seed is sown
7 Yaxkin - a little ray of the hidden sun
8 Mol - which unifies all the pieces
9 Chen - to enter into the well of the inner wisdom
10 Yax - where the student clears the mind, taking account of what is not yet ripe
11 Sak - dissipating the clouds of doubt, raising oneself up
12 Keh - breaks with habitual caution and reaches the white light
13 Mak - closing the equivocating part and entering a trance
14 Kankin - receives the light of one who knows
15 Muwan - in order to see into darkness
16 Pax - touching a music of the future
17 Kayab - with the song and the rhythm
18 Kumku - located in the correct place where the food of divination is obtained
19 Wayeb - all that is needed to obtain the precious stone

Each line read together is an interesting poem. But what is this precious stone at the end?


  1. Very interesting! I bet they didn't have blasted daylight savings time either! The Mayan civilization is of interest to me, especially after I went to Mexico back in the 90's. Went to a couple of the ruins and there is so much history! Amazing place! Great post gf!

    1. Thanks sis! I'm being drawn to the Maya as they were really ahead of their time technology-wise, as were the Egyptians. I'm pretty sure DST is a modern invention. GRRR!