Friday, March 2, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - E is for Eclipse

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Mayan Ha'ab - 14 Kayab

In some traditions it is frowned upon to perform magic during eclipses. I totally disagree. I feel that eclipses are a time for increased energies as the Great Triple Goddess is aligned perfectly. If possible, perform your ritual during the exact time of the eclipse. The eclipse will magnify your workings.

Solar eclipses occur when the sun, moon, and earth are in a straight line. A solar eclipse always happens on a New Moon. The next total solar eclipse visible from mainland US will occur 8/21/17. This site has more information. I would be interested if there are any pagan groups meeting in NC or SC to perform ritual. When the sun, earth, and moon are aligned, a lunar eclipse will occur. This always happens on a Full Moon. The next one visible from US will be in 2014.

Although new and full moons happen every month, eclipses do not. This is because the moon's orbit is tilted in  respect to earth's orbit. Eclipses occur when the sun's apparent path intersects the moon's path. The intersection point is called the lunar node. Sorry to get all scientific on you but I think that it's important to understand a little astronomy. The relative rarity of eclipses makes them more special.

Total solar eclipse

Total lunar eclipse

What does your tradition say about eclipses?


  1. Awesome post! I don't have a tradition yet to know about eclipses but, I do find them fascinating and extremely powerful.

    Brenda Lee, Pagan In Me

  2. I'm not aware of what Celtic Recons think about eclipses, but I shall look into it now :-)