Monday, December 2, 2013

Chalica - Day 1

Happy..err..Blessed..umm..Merry Chalica! I explain what Chalica is here so let's jump into the first principle:

The inherent worth and dignity of every person

Yup, that includes your favorite aunt, the deadbeat parents, mass murderers, activists, people with differing political beliefs, LGBTQ community, high school dropouts, and holders of Ph.Ds.

As you light a white* candle, reflect upon finding good in a person who typically is looked down in society. Do you have family members that you feel have wronged you in some way? Why not extend an olive branch? Remember that we are all made of star stuff.

*There are no official candle colors for Chalica. I've assigned colors to each day of the week; these are the same ones I use in my magical workings.
Sunday/Sun - yellow
Monday/Moon - white
Tuesday/Mars - red
Wednesday/Mercury - purple
Thursday/Jupiter - green
Friday/Venus - blue
Saturday/Saturn - orange

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  1. Happy Chalica! Thanks for joining us in celebrating this "new" tradition.