Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chalica - Day 4

Principle of day 4

A free and responsible search for truth and meaning

I was going to skip today due to the untimely demise of one of my doggies. Brownie was about a year old; she must have ate something she wasn't supposed to. We plan on burying her in our backyard. I keep telling myself that the body is the physical part of Brownie. Her spirit is ....where? This is how I'm tying in real life events with the 4th principle.

No one knows if there is an afterlife, well, at least no one can be sure. Do animals even have souls? Is there a doggie or kitty or pet heaven? I believe in the Divine but I don't think She killed off Brownie for a higher purpose. People say of ones who have passed on, "they are in a better place." But we don't really know. What does that say of our current existence?

I like to call myself a seeker. Although I've found my main path, I enjoy challenging my beliefs. The search for truth and meaning may even one day take me away from UUism. But because of the 4th principle, I certainly hope they would wish me well and welcome me back. UU doesn't provide answers per se, but questions. It's up to you to provide the answers. UU is not for everyone and we recognize that.

As you light a green candle, recall how your search for truth brought you to UU. Think of those who have left. Wish them well as they continue their journey. UU can be a final destination or a pit stop.

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