Friday, February 1, 2013

Pagan Blog Project - C is for Chakra

In Eastern paths, chakras are the centers of life force. When chakras are blocked, a host of physical and emotional issues occur. There are 7 chakras and each is associated with a color. The following are brief descriptions of each.

Crown - top of head
Associated with Higher Self, spirituality, meditation and the nervous system

Brow - center of forehead
Psychic abilities, imagination

Thyroid, communication

Circulatory / Respiratory systems, love, forgiveness, self-control

Solar Plexus (above stomach but below ribs)
Personal power

Sacral (below navel)
Reproductive system, sensuality

Root - coccyx / perineum ("taint")
survival, individuality

Here is an awesome chart for the chakras.

The 8th chakra is not really a chakra at all. It's the aura and is colorless. We all radiate energy but most of us don't call it our aura, we say "personal bubble". It is important to heal the aura when doing chakra work else all the energy will flow away.

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  1. This is a fabulou post Janai. I had read up on chakra's a long time ago. It's great to have a refresher course! Thanks!