Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kwanzaa - Self-Determination

Who are you? What is your heritage? What do you wish to become?

I was watching Roots the other day and I started thinking about my ancestors. I wonder where in Africa they were from. What is my true family name? What would my Native (American) name be? How would my life be different if traditions from my ancestors were still in my family? What new traditions can I start for my family?

I've made a small step towards finding out who I am. It's been 1 yr since I've had a relaxer in my hair. It feels strange but good. I frequently run my fingers through my hair to feel the crinkly new growth which is about 5 inches now. How did relaxed Black hair become the norm?

My son had braids or locs from the time he was born until his father cut them without my permission. Our men don't relax their hair so why should we?

All children should be taught Black history and not just for one month out of the year. Yes, we were slaves, but we were also kings and queens and warriors.

Use this day to set goals.

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  1. Absolutely agree! I remember girls in elementary school (early 70's) who relaxed their hair. I didn't understand that. I was envious though. A best friend of mine use to just sit in class and curl her hair with her fingers and it stayed. I soooo wanted her hair cause my "white" girl hair would do that. :)