Friday, December 28, 2012

Kwanzaa - Collective Work & Responsibility

Immediately this makes me think of the family unit. Everyone has a part to do. It is the parent's responsibility to go to work, pay bills, and provide a loving stable environment for any children. It is the child's responsibility to go to school and get good grades. As the child gets older, s/he can assist with household chores like cooking and cleaning. I strongly suggest that teens should get a job. Once they have their own money, see how easy it becomes to teach value of a dollar.

Of course, ujima can be and is broaden to include the (Black) community. Way to often I hear Black folks being compared to crabs in a barrel. One gets to the top and the rest pull him down. Why are we like this? This is also said about women. Why are we so catty? We see a female in a high position at work and we automatically assume she slept her way to the top.

Let broaden this to the entire human community. Whenever there's a murder sensationalized by the media, everyone wants to point fingers - oh it's the parent's fault; let's ban guns; this neighborhood was fine until they moved in. The fault is ours as in society. We failed these people. So let's start taking responsibility. Support Black- and women-owned business when possible. In fact, support your local small businesses and farms.

Don't forget about the animal community. If planning to get a pet, please check your local humane society or shelter first. Even if you are looking for a purebred, check purebred rescue websites and shelters. Many of these shelters require you to spay/neuter your pet.

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