Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Earth Mother's Moon

Geb's Day

Full Moon in sidereal Taurus
Penumbral lunar eclipse

On the Taurus Full Moon, we take care of our bodies and the bodily needs of others. Don't try to shift the focus to emotional needs - those are important, but the physical must come first or all else will suffer...Are you eating healthy? Is there medical care that you need and aren't seeking? Are you getting enough sleep?...Are you getting enough hugs and regular body contact or are you suffering from skin hunger? - Moon Phase Astrology by Raven Kaldera.

Guilty, guilty, guilty as charged. If you are a parent, you are most likely guilty of not taking care of your physical needs and health like you should. My health has been on the decline for some time now. Hopefully, I can find a doctor who will treat me to my satisfaction. Yes, I'm overweight. But instead of saying to me, "All you gotta do is exercise", how about treating why I'm tired all the time?

Not only is my tiredness affecting my everyday life but my magical life is suffering. Practicing magic takes energy. Witches look to the mundane or everyday world first to solve problems. When that doesn't (appear to) work or when the mundane issue could use a boost, magic is employed. I haven't done a full-fledged ritual in months. Not that my Goddess expects me to. I want to do it; being a solitary makes it that much more important.

The penumbral eclipse will take place today from 7:17 am - 11:49 am EST. Although not visible in my area due to setting at 7 am, I will try to find a live stream. I believe that eclipses are times to harness great energy due to the almost perfect alignment of the sun, earth, and moon - what I call the Great Triple Goddess.

Have you been neglecting your physical health? Is it affecting your spiritual practice?

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  1. Have you tried another doctor? Are you diabetic? Worried about ya sis. Maybe a second opinion may help