Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

I did it for the first time ever! Felt good to be prepared. The entire process took about 1 hour which included standing in line. I brought a book to read but didn't need it since the line was steady moving. In case you care, this is how I voted on the hot races / topics:

President / VP - Gary Johnson / James Gray (Libertarian)
Why: The Libertarian Party aligns the best with my views.

MD Q4 - Allows for undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition provided that certain conditions are met; extends the time in which honorably discharged veterans may qualify for in-state tuition - AGAINST.
Why: one of the conditions state that the parents of the undocumented immigrants must file taxes for 3 yrs that the college student was in high school. The key word is FILE not actually pay. Upon doing research, UIs who do file taxes can get refunds. I do support a fast-track path to become legal for children of illegal immigrants. It's not their fault their parents brought them here. As for the 2nd part of the question, I wish it was separated. I would be FOR honorably discharged vets getting extended time for in-state tuition.

MD Q5 - Established the boundaries for the 8 US Congressional Districts - AGAINST.
Why: the new map employs gerrymandering - dividing up the state so that one party has a distinct advantage. It may be legal but certainly not fair.

MD Q6 - Allows gay marriage - FOR
Why: Marriage as far as the gov't is concerned is a civil issue, not religious. This law is not seeking to redefine marriage for religious institutions.

MD Q7 - Add another casino to be located in PG County and add table games to existing casinos - FOR
Why: While I don't believe that the extra money will go to education like it is supposed to, the casino will create more jobs.

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