Monday, April 16, 2012

Yesterday's magic is today's science

Waning crescent in sidereal Aquarius - Prophet's Moon

On the Prophet's Moon, we look to the future and think about how it might be. It's also a good time for reading science fiction or writing it, if that's your interest. If you'd rather deal in real life, read about cutting-edge science. On the other hand, there's also the ongoing work of humanitarians, and how they intend to change the world. Stay away from apocalyptic ideas, though. The Prophet's Moon is more relaxed than that. - Moon Phase Astrology by Raven Kaldera.

Woot! I totally love sci-fi. I'm trying to figure out what movie would work for tonight's moon. Perhaps Terminator? It's has so many time travel scenarios that Judgement Day has been changed several times. Book of Eli would fit perfectly but we don't have it. I can always look at one of my many Star Trek movies. Speaking of what the future would be like, Star Trek PADDs (personal access display device) look just like our e-readers of today.

Or, I, Robot! But the short stories are so much better than the movie although the movie was a great adaptation.

What other sci-fi books have been made into movies? If you like sci-fi, what's your favorite author? Or are you a change-the-world type of person?

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