Friday, April 20, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - H is for Herb

Yes, that herb. In honor of Marijuana Legalization Awareness Day - or 4/20 as it is commonly called - I figured this would be an appropriate topic. Call marijuana what you will: herb, ganja, weed, pot, Mary Jane, bud, cannabis.

Now, don't go assuming that all Pagans use drugs including alcohol and tobacco in their spiritual practice. Not so. In fact, it is a personal decision, one that must be entered in with all the facts. Partakers must be willing to suffer any legal consequences since smoking herb spiritually is not consider exempt from local laws.

I'm not advocating for anyone to break the law but here are some tips you may wish to follow:

  • Learn about herb and if it will react to any prescription meds. Remember, harm none includes yourself.
  • Under no circumstances should you use any drugs if you feel pressured. The choice is yours alone.
  • Do NOT allow minors to use any drugs even if the reason is spiritual.
  • Moderation is the key. If you smoke herb all the time, the sacredness is diminished. Confine use to ritual time.
  • Do not pass judgement on others whether you smoke herb or not.
  • Be silent. What you do in ritual is between you and the Goddess and/or coven mates.
  • If solitary, have someone you trust nearby to make sure you stay safe.
  • Have your journal nearby so that you or someone else can write down any information you receive in your altered state of mind.

Marijuana has been around since ancient times. We use many other herbs in cooking and in teas. Whatever Gaia and Geb (Egyptian God of earth) has to offer us, I think we should have the right to use in responsible ways.


  1. Aha, a very short, yet informative, post on the this day. ;) I know I have a (*cough* Christian) friend who thinks this day is incredibly stupid, and I had no idea what it was until I read a few status updates on Facebook, but I do believe it is certainly worth looking into.

    1. I believe most folks participate as a way to support legalization. Police are called to large gatherings to just keep the peace. I mean really, like they are going to waste all that paperwork and time for peaceful smokers? Of course, there are those who smoke just because everyone else is doing it that day.

  2. Great post gf! I'm pleading the fifth on this one :)