Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sea Mother's Moon

Set's Day
Lunar day 17
Full moon in sidereal Cancer - Sea Mother's Moon
Dreamspell - White Resonant Dog (7 Oc)- Kin 150
Mayan - 11 Ik (White Spectral Wind) - Kin 102

I was able to do my ritual tonight. Hubs helped me with the words to release the quarters. My esbat ritual is still not perfect but it's getting there. Went outside to view the Moon. It was too cold to be outside for long,  though. Energies were amplified since the Moon is in the sign She rules. I'm thinking of getting this Isis statue from eBay:

I had ordered a kneeling statue but it arrived broken and the paint job was poorly done. I want a statue candleholder so that my altar won't be cluttered. There aren't may Isis statues to choose from; I was hoping for a black and gold one. .

Thinking about rereading Wicca & Witchcraft for Dummies. Now that I have my own path, my understanding has increased. May do a new BoS, this time in a 3-ring binder. I also need to integrate my Buddhist practice into my Pagan practice. Meanwhile, I'm starting a set of flash cards to remember things. This will come in handy in teaching my future child :) Oh yeah, I need to work on my Goddess charges as well. Lots to do while I'm unemployed.

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