Monday, February 20, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - C is for Computer / Technology

Hathor's Day
Resonant 30
Dreamspell - Blue Resonant Night (7 Akbal) - Kin 163
Mayan Tzolk'in - 11 Men (Blue Spectral Eagle) - Kin 115
Mayan Ha'ab - 3 Kayab

When I joined the PBP, I came in on the 2nd week of C. I've been itching to do Computer. Why? Well, if you are reading this post, you are using one, whether it's a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. If it weren't for computers, I would still be struggling with finding Pagan info and communities. TechnoPagan FTW!! There are zillions of Pagan blogs, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, podcasts, etc. There are virtual altars and covens. When I cast my circle, I typically include my computer in case I need to look up something or play music via iTunes. 

I love the Computer Goddess!

TechnoWitches have eBooks of Shadows that they may share online at his/her website or save it via USB drive for personal use. Yes, I know our ancestors did not have access to the 'net and many traditions then and now are still oral. But I see no problem with using the technology that we have today to further our spirituality. Do you use a CD for circle music? Do you have an email list for your coven members? Do you drive a car to the local Pagan conference? I use an app to track the moon phase (Deluxe Moon) and one to track various earthly bodies (Google Sky). And for those of us who are really into magic, there is an app that tracks the planetary hours.

I have a degree in Applied Information Technology. The Goddess in me absolutely loves computers and electronics. I haven't quite come up with a mythology but the Goddess of Technology is my matron goddess. She is Unnamed at the moment but Her domain (heh heh!) is electronics, computers, technologically advanced ancient civilizations, and the Internet. Can't find your iPod? Did your hard drive crash? Mobile phone lose all contacts? Ask the Technology Goddess for assistance.

As much as I love computers/technology, there is a need to unplug every once in a while. After all, being pagan is about nature and connecting with the daily/monthly/yearly rhythms. Take some time away from all screens and read a book or go outside - or read a book outside :). Being a TechnoPagan means using technology for us and not letting technology use us.

What are some of the ways you use computers in your practice? Feel free to share your favorite apps, websites, eBooks, etc.


  1. I've done Kemetic rituals via irc chat (the group picks a low-tech method all the members can use.) There aren't a lot of us around, and the closest person I know of is over an hour away. The tech, especially the internet connection, makes it possible to follow a path like this without living in one of the major metro areas.
    I've also done a ritual and procession to Wepwawet with someone over 1,100 miles away via Skype.

  2. Technopagan :))) I love it :))) I'm definitely one of them. I work online as a Wiccan so I'm around computers pretty much all day. I have definitely prayed to the Goddess of Technology when these things crash lol :) But I love the fact that you said don't let technology use us. Wicked important. I find I can get so caught up in working, and the more I connect with nature, actual nature not technological images, I'm much happier and everything is clearer. However what an invaluable tool we have at our disposal for research! :))))) Have a wonderful day :))