Friday, February 3, 2012

Blessed (astronomical) Imbolc / Brigit

Sekmet's Day
Waxing Gibbous occurs 2/4 12:41 am EST in sidereal Gemini (Mercenary's Moon). Maiden is maturing into Mother.
Dreamspell - White Electric Worldbridger (3 Cimi) - Kin 146
Mayan - 7 Etznab (White Resonant Mirror) - Kin 98
Sun in Capricorn

Imbolc/Candlemas Comments

 Magickal Graphics

Since the weather is nice, I opened up all the windows and burned cinnamon. I couldn't find a definitive scent so I hope Brigit won't be upset. Astronomical Imbolc occurs when the sun is at 315 degrees on the ecliptic which is 15 deg tropical Aquarius or 20 deg 5 min sidereal Capricorn. This will happen 2/4 5:22 am EST.

Bridget is the Goddess of poetry. Here is one of my favorite poems, kinda how I feel right now:

The Tunnel by Mark Strand

A man has been standing
in front of my house
for days. I peek at him
from the living room
window and at night,
unable to sleep,
I shine my flashlight
down on the lawn.
He is always there.

After a while
I open the front door
just a crack and order
him out of my yard.
He narrows his eyes
and moans. I slam
the door and dash back
to the kitchen, then up
to the bedroom, then down.

I weep like a schoolgirl
and make obscene gestures
through the window. I
write large suicide notes
and place them so he
can read them easily.
I destroy the living
room furniture to prove
I own nothing of value.
When he seems unmoved
I decide to dig a tunnel
to a neighboring yard.
I seal the basement off
from the upstairs with
a brick wall. I dig hard
and in no time the tunnel
is done. Leaving my pick
and shovel below,

I come out in front of a house
and stand there too tired to
move or even speak, hoping
someone will help me.
I feel I’m being watched
and sometimes I hear
a man’s voice,
but nothing is done
and I have been waiting for days.

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