Sunday, December 28, 2014

Daily Meditation 12/28/14

Lunar month - Shef Bedet 8
Solar month - Cap 8
Metonic - Year 1, Lunation 1

Tzolk'in - 13 Caban
Dreamspell - Yellow Galactic Seed

Yule Day 9
Kwanzaa Day: Habari gani? Ujima / Collective work & responsibility

Lunar phase - 1st quarter in sidereal Pisces. On the Martyr's Moon, we sacrifice ourselves for the good of others. This entails giving of our energy and resources past the point of inconvenience. If it didn't make you writhe just a little, it isn't a real sacrifice.

Tarot --

I-Ching - 11 Peace (Heaven below Earth): Peace is sometimes called prosperity and that's what you have, an abundance of still, quiet calm around you. Share it with others and enjoy the peace of this time now for it won't last.

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