Monday, December 22, 2014

Daily Meditation 12/22/14

Lunar month - Shef Bedet 2
Solar month - Cap 2
Metonic - Year 1, Lunation 1

Tzolk'in - 7 Chuen
Dreamspell - White Lunar Mirror

Yule Day 3

Lunar phase --

Tarot - 2 of Pentacles (Saturn / Uranus in Capricorn). Change. Cycles. What changes do you need to make to continue the success of the previous day, to ensure success for the year? Balance is needed. Life is continuous; if you make a mistake you can't stop. Go with the flow and make necessary corrections.

I-Ching - 24 Returning (Thunder below Earth): Everything has a cycle, and this one, for you, is starting again. This time it has renewed vigor and enthusiasm. It is a new beginning and you have learnt a lot from the past.

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