Thursday, December 25, 2014

Daily Meditation 12/25/14

Lunar month - Shef Bedet 5
Solar month - Cap 5
Metonic - Year 1, Lunation 1

Tzolk'in - 10 Ix
Dreamspell - Red Overtone Dragon

Yule Day 6

Lunar phase - waxing crescent in sidereal Capricorn. On the Mountain Climber's Moon, we attempt the impossible...It is especially useful to try something that you have avoided because you were told that you, or the sort of person that people assume you are, would just never be able to handle that. Whatever you do, do it without help...Don't rely on luck - plan and prepare, train and attack.

Tarot --

I-Ching - 15 Humility (Mountain below Earth): By being tolerant you may find the help you need. Displaying humility isn't a loss of face, merely a loss of your own ego. Do all things in moderation and maintain equilibrium and harmony.

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