Friday, June 10, 2011

Topic from Pagan Prompt - charging for services

2 posts in a day! I'm on a roll!

Thanks to Pagan Mom Blog, I have a way to post more on my blog. I wonder if I can find a Buddhist Prompt? Here is the prompt (thank you English classes for preparing me for this):

"How do you feel about being paid for certain services of a pagan nature? Like Tarot/Palm/Astrology readings? Often these services are seen as personal, due to the nature of the readings. Some people find it unethical to charge for these services."

I think that a person can charge a reasonable price for these services especially if this is her profession. One does have to put the food on the table. However, the querant should beware of any unscrupulous readers. Reading is an art and a skill. A novice reader should not charge as much as an experienced one. Since I'm still learning, I don't charge at all and I let my querants know up front that I am a novice. If you don't feel comfortable charging for such services, then don't. It is not a hard fast rule that you have to. A massage is personal and you have to pay for that. If it's because of the spiritual nature of the activity, well, don't you pay an officiant to preside at your wedding?

One thing that I would like to mention is that whether you charge or not, the session should be confidential because it is of a personal nature. So no blabbing about the reading you did for Ms. Jones and what cards came up. It's really none of anyone's business.
Oh, one more thing, something about the stereotypical fortune telling shops that I dislike. You know the ones - dark, foreboding, everything occult in prominent places. Now that I know more about paganism, if I had a shop, I would want it to be a comfortable casual business atmosphere.

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