Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pagan Prompt - Which Pantheon

Do you have a specific pantheon (group of gods/goddesses) that you are particularly drawn to? Which deities do you work with the most?

Why do you think you are drawn to these over others?

If you don't work with a singular group, which group(s) are you drawn to, and how do you decide which to work with for any given situation?

I am drawn to the Egyptian pantheon. Why? Because they seem magical to me and they are very regal. The Egyptians were way ahead of their time. I'm amazed at how the pyramids were built nearly perfect. I believe that humans started in Egypt before migrating all over the world. Where better to go back to the ancient God/desses than the beginning? I don't have a patron Goddess but at this time I'm drawn to Isis, Hathor, and Bast.

I plan on learning about the Greek, Roman, and Norse Gods as well. But my favorite will be Egyptian.

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  1. Regal, indeed! Something about all that gold, obsidian, and turquoise just sucks us in, eh?