Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mother's Daughter Moon

New Moon in sidereal Cancer

*All energies are heightened when the Moon is in Her sign of rulership.*

On this Moon we examine our relationships with others, especially those in which one person nurtures another. We also examine our early nurturing and our same-sex bonds. We may also examine the issue of differentiating oneself from the same-sex parent which usually happens in adolescence (as with Persephone) but sometimes waits until well into adulthood. This is a good time for those who need a rite of passage to plan or carry that out. ~ Moon Phase Astrology

New beginnings: Write your intentions; you are entering a new chapter. Allow rebirth to take place. Swirl and be in the new possibilities. Run free with your imagination. Open your Third Eye chakra. Turning inward is soothing in this watery Moon. It is a highly sensitive, touchy day. Seek coziness and comfort. Cancer, the Nurturer: Deep clean or organize your home; make it a meditation. ~ Spirit de la Lune Oracle Deck

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