Saturday, February 20, 2016

UU Lent - Prayer

Ah, this will be interesting. See, UUs have a very broad view of Deity. Some of us believe, some don't. And those of us who believe, some of us pray and some don't. Me? Well I don't pray like I used to when I was Christian. There is no male God in the sky that I beseech. I do not end my requests with "in Jesus' name"; there is no need for a mediator on my path. I feel prayer is more of a reflection or meditation. Deity is within us so praying is accessing that energy. So no, I will not type Amen on your Facebook post and I will not pray for you unless I can follow up that prayer with action. I may give you a spell / ritual to follow to further your goals if you ask for it.

I have a few sets of Buddhist chanting (prayer) beads which have sadly been unused for quite some time. Some Pagans have their own meditation beads (check out etsy) and I think you can make some UU prayer beads. This site right here has some awesome info for making a variety of prayer beads. Of course, if you pray, you don't really need anything but yourself. Extra items and rituals help to focus the intent.

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