Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Updated Tarot Astrology Correspondences

As part of refreshing my practice, I took a look at the major arcana of Tarot. Seems like everyone is using the Golden Dawn version. Some of the connections didn't make sense to me, probably because I don't study Hebrew nor do I have an interest in it. So with some minor tweaks, here is the version that I will use in my studies.

Fool - Uranus
Magician - Mercury
High Priestess - Moon
Empress - Venus
Emperor - Aries
Hierophant - Taurus
Lovers - Gemini
Chariot - Pisces
Strength - Sun
Hermit - Virgo
Wheel of Fortune - Jupiter
Justice - Libra
Hanged Man - Neptune
Death - Scorpio
Temperance - Sagittarius
Devil - Capricorn
Tower - Mars
Star - Aquarius
Moon - Cancer
Sun - Leo
Judgement - Pluto
World - Saturn

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