Sunday, January 25, 2015

UU Adult RE: Spirit in Practice #3

What have your experiences been with meditation and prayer? What forms have you tried? What forms of meditation and prayer have been personally meaningful for you? How have your prayer and/or meditation practices affected you? 

My views on prayer have changed drastically from when I was a kid. First I needed to define who or what I was praying to and for what. It's more meaningful to visualize a loving Creatrix not a patriarchal dictator. Deity resides within and without. Prayer accesses and connects the two forms. Prayer as a conversation between you and Deity should remain that way although interfaith group prayers embrace community. 

I suppose prayer can be a form of meditation. When I chanted daily, I was able to concentrate better, to sit still without fidgeting. One needs to still the monkey / kitten mind. In the stillness comes realizations and solutions to problems. 

Where would you like to go with a personal spiritual practice?
I would like to get into a daily routine of some kind of spiritual practice. Right now, it's hit or miss but it's better than nothing. So far, I'm enjoying my trip through the tarot. Maybe I'll delve into yoga.

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