Thursday, January 15, 2015

UU Adult RE: Spirit in Practice #2

Write about the prospect or the experience of discussing spirituality with someone else. If spirituality isn't a meaningful term for you, write about discussing your participation in a congregation or revealing something else about yourself related to your search for meaning.

I have no problem discussing spirituality with others. It's a way to get to know others and opens the way to acceptance, not just tolerance. People should connect by finding common points instead of distancing by focusing on differences. Problems occur when the objective is to convert. No one likes being told they are wrong. If at the end of the discussion parties "agree to disagree," fine. But hopefully everyone will come out of it with a better understanding of the others.

Eight Spheres of Spiritual Practice
#5 Body Practices

I know, I know, I need to exercise more. I've been walking around my building on my 15 min break at work. When it gets warmer, I'll walk outside. Maybe I'll get a human walking partner by then. Weight Watchers program helps a bit with how to eat. Denying oneself food is a recipe for disaster, unless you are allergic to said foodstuffs. All things in moderation including eating. Therefore, no more carb-less meals for me. Ever. 

Other things that may fall under body practices:

  • Body is a temple. Decorate it as you see fit. I usually don't wear makeup but I love gold jewelry (I have multiple piercings). Looking to get another tattoo.
  • Smoking can be a ritualistic practice. Smoking what, you say? *wink*
  • Limiting unnecessary medications. Instead of reaching for aspirin to clear a headache, I try to calm myself to see if will go away on its own. USA dispenses way too much medication each with its own side effects. So then we take more medication to combat the side effects.
  • Safe, sane, consensual sex. Again - Safe. Sane. Consensual.
  • Learning to love your body even through the changes. This is a struggle I deal with which is why you will hardly see any full length pictures of me. Here is a body meditation that you may find useful. It is not my own but I forgot where I read it. Stand in front of a mirror au naturel. Look at yourself from all angles. Study yourself as if you were a piece of artwork. You are Art and the mirror is a frame. Look at your "flaws" and how they make you, you. Look at them without judgement. Do not be afraid to see You. 

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