Friday, November 8, 2013

To Chalica or not to Chalica

Back in 2005, a group of UUs created a holiday specifically for Unitarian Universalists. Since our main (only?) symbol is a chalice, they called the holiday Chalica. It is a floating holiday with no specific date but it is always the 1st Monday in December and lasts for 7 days. Each day a candle is lit and one of the 7 principles is reflected upon. UUism is all about action so we are encouraged to do something on each Chalica day. This is a home-based tradition which I guess means something to do with the family.

There are UUs on both sides of this holiday, whether we are disrespecting Hanukkah or not. Some think that the name should be changed to something like Chalicetide (like Yuletide). Is it supposed to be serious or light-hearted? Someone did a Chalica version of Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song - mixed reviews on that too.

As a fairly new UU (I rarely even call myself UU even though I am a member of a UU congregation), I don't see the problem with creating a new holiday. Kwanzaa was created in the 60's although picked up popularity about 20 years ago. Festivus was featured on Seinfeld; this holiday was created the family of a scriptwriter. My family created Frigiving out of necessity; hubs and I were both working on Thanksgiving that 1st year.

UUism is either an interfaith fellowship or a religion that borrows all the good stuff from all other religions - I haven't figured out which one. Do a search for "Unitarian Universalist holidays." Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. comes up. The Water Communion (fall) and the Flower Communion (spring) are the only 2 holidays/traditions that I believe are UU and even still, each congregation chooses how and when to celebrate them.

UUs are free to do what they will. If someone wants to change the name of Chalica in his/her family celebration, do so. Chalica as 7 letters; there are 7 days - I feel a poem or something here. I like the Pagan feel of Chalicetide, though. If you want to move the date, sure. Many feel that December already has enough holidays as it is. What would be a good time for Chalica? Are there any special dates in UUism that would be cool to celebrate? What about the date that UU proper was born, the date Unitarians and Universalists formerly joined together?

For now, I'll just acknowledge Chalica / Chalicetide. I'm only working parttime so I don't have money to buy pretty candles. I will be reviewing and possibly posting the 7 principles of UU. It's good to have a reminder as to why I made UU my choice for fellowship.

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