Friday, January 11, 2013

Pagan Blog Project - A is for Altar

I feel like I'm wimping out but I couldn't think of anything for A that I wanted to do. So altar it is. My altar is fairly simple. No offense, but I think that the altar template for Wiccans is too cluttered for my tastes. By studying Wicca, I got the idea to have an altar. It makes sense to have a special area to meditate although having an altar is not a mandate. Remember, everything in the physical world is just a tool to assist us in our practice.

My altar space is right next to my computer desk. When and if my son moves out (and if I don't have another kid), my main altar space will be the entire room. My current altar will become my seasonal altar. The table is wood and round - wood for a natural material and round because that's a feminine shape. The tablecloth is blue for my favorite color. The altar cloth has a pentacle. Since I have limited space my altar does not face north or east; I think it's northeast purely out of coincidence. There are tealights in each "corner". The color of the holder denotes the direction. In the center is an Isis candleholder. I honor the Divine Feminine so there are no gods. In front of Isis is an incense holder. To the side is a candle snuffer.

I have an athame I suppose. Never used it in ritual. It's a Klingon knife. No cauldron - I don't have a need for it at this time. I have a bell but it doesn't go on the altar.

I promise I'll post a picture.

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  1. Can't wait to see the pic J and good to see you doing the PDP again!