Friday, September 21, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - S is for Seshat

Seshat is the consort of Djehuty (Thoth). She is Egyptian goddess of wisdom, knowledge, writing, architecture, astronomy, astrology, measurements, genealogy  and math. As the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing, Seshat oversees the library where spells are kept and is the matron of libraries today. As goddess of math, she is in charge of censuses and accounting. Her crown is a 7-pointed star (or cannibis leaf?) and her dress is of a leopard or cheetah pattern.

Seshat assisted the pharoahs in the "stretching of the cord" ceremony. This was important to ensure that new structures were built and aligned properly. She also made sure that rituals and spells were carried out as specified in Djehuty's scrolls. says that in modern times Seshat is regarded as the goddess of computers, operating systems, software, and even the Internet itself. I cannot find any other reference to this.

She is a Goddess of the state; as such there are no known temples to her. However she did have priests. I cannot find any definitive information on Her colors, offerings, scents, etc. I did however find this poem written in her honor.

Seshat and I
I read many times about pagans finding their god/desses. Granted, I didn't meditate as much as I should have but from what I've read of Seshat, She may not have reached out to me anyway. According to my personal calendar, I was born on the day of Djhuty/Seshat. Much better than being Wednesday's child full of woe. Seshat is the Goddess of several of my interests:

  • I love knowledge and learning about new things. Sometimes I wish I had a plug in the back of my head a la Matrix to download information. It will be a sad day if and when libraries cease to exist.
  • I used to write poetry. Haven't had the inspiration for some time though. I did write my entire wedding ceremony though.
  • I have 2 degrees: AS in Accounting and BS in Information Technology. In fact, I semi-jokingly declared my matron goddess as the unnamed Goddess of Technology. Seems that I have found Her.

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  1. How lovely that you found the poem at my blog! I think the author truly channelled it. What a wonderful new path you have chosen...