Thursday, September 27, 2012

National Ancestor Day

Ancestor - a deceased person from whom one is descended especially if the relationship is more remote than grandparent. One can trace his/her lines directly to from a terminal ancestor.

Who knew? I cannot find any history on this pseudo-holiday. Some pagans honor their ancestors as part of their practice. Others use Samhain (Halloween) to try to contact them on the spirit plane. My family has a Facebook group where one of the cousins is trying to gather everyone together. She has lots of stories to tell and wants to pass them down to the younger generation. I never knew my paternal grandfather and she told me a little story about him.

I only know my maternal great-grandparents, sort of. My great-grandmother remarried; they didn't have any kids. I vaguely remember my great-grandfather. He lived in Laurel and had cable way back when it was a status symbol to have it. I remember seeing my aunt (?) who looked like the stereotypical Native American with 2 long black ponytails. (Yes, I know lots of folks say "I got Indian in my family." I want to eventually prove or disprove this as it relates to me.)

There's this ancestor meditation where you recite your genealogy as far back as you can. Here is an example of a simplified genealogy. Insert your own information.

I am Buddhagan
daughter of DLP and MAH
granddaughter of DS and WJP, AS and LDH
great-granddaughter of BS...

end with child, daughter, or son of the (Divine, Universe, or Deity of choice) to show that we all are connected.

I'm Black American not African American. True, Blacks may have come to America via African but as of yet, I cannot trace my roots to any country in Africa.

Remember kiddies, Africa is a CONTINENT not a country.
I would like to honor the gods of all my ancestors which likely include First Peoples and European cultures.


  1. Not to sound rude or anything but is saying Black American now socially acceptable without someone wanting to punch a cracker out? ;) Very interesting holiday and very cool you've been able to trace back!

    1. Girl, I don't even know what's PC nowadays. Ask another black person and AA is just fine. To me, African American means those of us who can trace direct ancestry to the continent of Africa. I cannot. If my parents were from say, Ghana, I would Ghanian American. But really, I'm just American. Period.

    2. Haha I guess its ask who the person is then. Don't needed nobody popping a cap in my bootay, ya know ;)