Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Samus Chronicles - I'm home!

She came back! I'm so happy but I'm still a bit shy. And that microchip hurt like the dickens! The ride to my new home was long but I was comfortable in a carrier. There's a huge backyard for me to play in. My new family has 3 humans. I think I know which one Mom is. Loud noises and sudden moves frighten me. I was without a home for quite some time.

After I explored inside a bit, I was taken for a walk outside. Then I had a bath. Mom said I was really smelly. I dried off and went to sleep with Mom & Dad.


Oh my name? Samus is a bad-ass female video game character. People thought she was a boy until she took off her armor.

I'm getting to know one of my pack members

That bath did wonders. Now I'm tired
I was adopted from the Baltimore County Animal Shelter. On 5/26, a few people came to look at me including Mom. When she left my fence to go talk to my sister 2 pens down, I called for her to come back. Two days later, I went to the vet. Running the streets caused me to have a slight infection but I'm all better now. The vet said I'm about 4 yrs old. Well a lady never tells her true age, right?! Dad keeps calling me a cockapoo. Isn't that some kind of bird? My fur coat is so curly it must be poodle though. No matter, I know  Mom loves me.

Pawfully yours,


  1. YEAH!!! Nice to meet you Samus!! What a beautiful lil girl you are. I hope you know how special you are. Your mommy is one beautiful woman and will spoil you rotten! Kisses to you lil girl. My boy Titan sends his love too! Congrats on your forever home baby girl! :) Muwah!

  2. Looking forward to reading more about Samus, your four-legged people.