Friday, November 18, 2011

Legend of Frigiving

Since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving at my house.... :)

Legend of Frigiving


Once upon a time, two people got married. They both came from families that weren't real big on holidays. When they decided to buy a house, the wife said, "Hey, let's start our own traditions with our own family". The husband agreed. November rolled around and they were excited to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. But alas! They both worked jobs that required them to work that day. Furthermore, the husband worked days and the wife worked nights. The husband lamented, "what are we to do? our first Thanksgiving dinner is ruined before it began!" The wife thought for a second and said, "Husband, don't fret. Aren't we both off from work tomorrow? We can have our dinner then". The husband said, "Awesome! Is it still Thanksgiving?" "No", the wife said, "we'll call it Frigiving since it's the next day." "But," the husband realized, "all the turkeys will be gone". "no biggie," the wife replied, "we'll have fried chicken."


So the couple and their children started the annual ritual of Frigiving. Anything but traditional Thanksgiving food is served. The dinner is held when it is convenient in the 4th or 5th week of November.


Does your family have special holiday or do you put your own twist on existing holidays?

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