Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Magical Week

This year like previous years I took my vacation from work. I went to Vegas with hubs. I really meant to do some rituals. Mabon passes without me doing anything special because out of 7 days, 4 of them are magical, thus my magical week. My birthday, wedding anniversary, an esbat, and a sabbat are all in the same week. Whew!! If I didn't go out of town, I would have done something (more) special. The fact that I spent time with hubs counts. We barely have time to ourselves with kids and work and school and home maintenance. I'll be better prepared next year. I couldn't find any quarter moon rituals so I will have to construct one. Hubs will gladly participate in an anniversary ritual *wiggles eyebrows*.

Do you have a magical week where your important dates fall close to each other?

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