Friday, August 5, 2011

Changing beliefs

Question from Pagan Blog Prompts:

"Do your beliefs change over the years as you change and develop?"

I'm gonna say YES. In just the 2 yrs that I have been Buddhist Pagan, I have changed my viewpoints on several issues. I did a post on this before so I'm not going to rehash it. I've been thinking about reincarnation lately though. Both Buddhist and Pagans believe in reincarnation but I haven't resolved this for myself yet. I have too many unanswered questions so if you can help me out, I would love to hear your viewpoint.

-Why don't we remember our past lives so that we don't make the same mistakes? I know karma is bigger than just cause and effect in one's personal life (lives) but it doesn't make sense to me not to be able to learn from past experiences.

-Is rebirth species specific? Are insects always reborn as insects, humans as humans? How is the increasing human population explained?

-Maybe our human existence ends and we are reborn somewhere else, another planet, another dimension.

-Could the story of Jesus be proof of reincarnation? The story goes that he was a spirit before his human existence. As a child he really was not aware of his heavenly life but at some point it all came back to him.

-People who claim that they remember past lives, can they also recall early childhood memories like being in the womb or being born?

What are your thoughts on reincarnation? Do you believe in rebirth or life-after-death?


  1. Metta.

    Nice post with questions most of us ask on our journey, I am sure. For me I have been wrestling with these and more for my whole life. I KNOW that I have some memories from past lives though.

  2. also, i have written more than a few ideas about reincarnation on my blog at

  3. Thanks Matt, I will go take a look-see!

  4. Yes, my beliefs do change- or rather the focus intensifies in one area more than the other as time passes. I'd say I am 80% certain of reincarnation. Up until I was 10 or so, everytime I looked in the mirror, I was surprised to see the face I have now. Another little girl's face totally different than mine would flash lightning fast into my mind. 20% not sure because when hospitalized, I may have had a 'near death' experience and it all went black, no white light at the end of the tunnel or anything similar. Maybe I didnt get "near enough' to death or maybe the blackness is all there is? Which led me to wonder if there is any reincarnation or after-life at all. I hope there is tho- so much more I want to do in life (lives)...