Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Altar

Pagan prompt = What does your altar look like?

My altar is a round wooden table with a blue tablecloth. I want to get a pagan-ish type altar cover. I really like the one with the goddesses of the elements on it. But I'm not sure if I want to hang this or use it for the altar.

If I hang this one then I want one with pentagrams or the Triple Goddess or some sort of Egyptian theme. I haven't found the right cover yet.

I have colored candle holders for the directions. I use electronic tealights since they are safer. My altar area is pretty small. There is one brown taper candle in the center for the Goddess and a white candle with hearts for me. I would like to get a sun and moon candle holder but again haven't found the right one.

There's an incense holder, my bottle of saltwater, and my censer. Eventually I want statues of Auset, Het-Her, and Bastet.

My altar is a year round one; I don't change it for the sabbats. Maybe I will one day but for now, I want it to be perfect for everyday use.

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