Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Bible in public school

I thought about this post in a response to the article About Pagan/Wicca posted.


It seems that every now and then, a senator or congressperson wants to mix religion and politics. It is the responsibility of parents to see to the spiritual growth of their children. Public school is just that - public. I'm sure 100% of the public is not Christian. Private school is private. Many are affiliated with a specific religion. I would have no right to complain about the Christian-centric curriculum of "Jesus My Lord and Savior" private school.


In public school, there should be an elective course on World Religions. Elective. Meaning that it's not mandatory. It should be offered in all secondary schools. Why? Because children should be exposed to stuff outside of their own fishbowl.  I was indoctrinated for the past 3 decades and it's taking me until now to be deprogrammed. World Religions would include introductions to the appropriate spiritual texts.


In public colleges, a World Religions / Cultures class should be a mandatory Gen Ed class. Why the difference? One, once you're in college, you're an adult. Two, you should want to know more about your world. Three, you have a thirst for knowlege. Isn't that one of the reason why you're enrolled? 


So to the politicians: stop passing bills to further your religious agendas. You want your children to learn about the Bible, teach them yourself or send them to church.

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