Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Triple Goddess

Since my posts have been about Buddhism, I decided that it was time for a Pagan post. The Triple Goddess – Maiden, Mother, Crone - typically refers to the Moon and Her phases.  I like to think of the Triple Goddess during solar occults* and lunar eclipses as consisting of the Moon Goddess, the Earth Goddess, and the Sun Goddess. The symbol for Triple Goddess in type is )O( or in picture form a waxing crescent moon, a full moon, and a waning crescent moon.
Triple Goddess also refers to different periods during a woman's lifetime. Maiden is from birth to 21, Mother is from 21 to menopause, and Crone is from menopause onward. Now, these are just my arbitrary values. Another Solitary or coven may a totally different setup. Maiden could be from birth to puberty and Mother from puberty to menopause but with puberty starting earlier and earlier, I would have a hard time seeing a 9 yr old as Mother. Usually there is a special ceremony for the beginning of each stage.
Note that in Paganism, Crone does not have a negative connotation. Maybe someone to post a comment about the background for this.

*Technically, solar occult is the proper name for the event that we call solar eclipse. The moon blocks, hides, or occults the sun.


  1. I ADORE your style. By the way, *I* am a Crone and I find absolutely NOTHING negative about it. It comes from the sacred trinity of the "Goddess Worshippers" (of which I am proudly one) "Maiden (the "morning" of our lives) Mother (the mid-day) and Crone".

    And thanks. I see I have the next subject for my OOTBC blog!

    You're a doll!


  2. Something you might enjoy: http://www.alphabetvsgoddess.com/