Tuesday, August 8, 2017

List of my tarot and oracle decks

I have no idea which is my favorite. But here they are all in no particular order

Universal Goddess Tarot
Tarot of the Sweet Twilight
Sun and Moon Tarot
Animal Wisdom Tarot
Raven's Prophecy Tarot
African Tarot
African American Tarot
Black Cats Tarot
Samurai Tarot
Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot
Buddha Tarot
Healing Earth (2nd edition)
Tarot Cards (seriously, this is the name of the deck)
Celestial Stick People
Journey into Egypt

Oracle of Echoes
Spirit of the Wheel
Earthly Souls & Spirits Oracle
Liquid Crystal Oracle
The Healing Oracle - Crystal Reading Cards
Mother Mary Oracle
Sacred Creators Oracle
Mother's Wisdom
Spirit de la Lune
Mayan Oracle
Amethyst Oracle
Goddess Oracle
Tea Leaf Fortune Cards
Rebel Deck (billed as Tarot with attitude, but it's nowhere near being tarot)
Wisdom of the Oracle
Wisdom of Natural Hair
Wisdom Keepers
Book of Doors

Cosmos Tarot & Oracle
I Ching
Extra Sensory Perception Testing Cards
Deck of 1000 Spreads

Moon Deck
Moon Oracle
Tarot of Transformation
Sacred Symbols
Awakened Souls
Star Road Map
Australian Dot Tarot

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