Friday, January 20, 2017

Money Spell

With all things magical, remember the 4th step in the witch's pyramid: to be silent. In today's information age and better religious tolerance, we have no need to hide or be ashamed of our Paganism. However, use common sense. It is okay to share because some of us are not cut out to be part of a coven. It is not ok to brag. Work your magic and leave it to Deity / Universe to continue the process.

This spell is not a substitute for mundane (non-magical) action. What follows is a basic spell. I will post not what I did exactly because a witch's spell is her/his own and you should put something into the spell to make it personal.

You will need:
candle - whatever color YOU think of when money and prosperity comes to mind (ex. green, gold, silver)
oil - anything earthy, as Earth is the element related to prosperity (ex. patchouli)
physical money, quantity 5 - cash, not checks, money orders, or credit cards (ex. any denomination bill or coins)

You can substitute incense for candle and oil. Again choose an earthy fragrance pleasing to you.

Dress the candle with the oil (or light the incense). Speak as if you have the money you need. If you ask for a specific amount, add "and a little more" afterwards. Don't be greedy and be realistic.

Run the bills or coins over the flame / smoke (Be careful!), thinking of your intention. Place money on your altar or in your wallet. Thank Deity and extinguish candle with a snuffer. Once this spell has resolve, take the blessed money and give to a charity, church, or friend in need. Pay it forward!

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