Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice Tarot Spread

Blessed Yule!

My created winter solstice spread is brought to you by the Deck of 1000 Spreads. I know - there are a zillion spreads out there and it's nothing wrong with using them. However, when you create your own spread, a little something of your essence is added.

Start by placing the solstice card in the middle. This is the significator. I used the Ace of Pentacles from the Universal Goddess deck. According to my research of tarot and astrology, this card represents the 1st day of Capricorn. Feel free to use whatever card you wish. I've read that some will place the Sun card here.

The object was to use 8 places to signify the Wheel of the Year; Yule marks the beginning of the solar year for me. I ended up using 9 with 2 cards at the beginning. Starting directly above the center and going clockwise, the places for the spread are

1. Message from Spirit AND Message from friends and family
2. Positive influences
3. Hopes and fears
4. What is hidden (what should you be on the lookout for)
5. Immediate future
6. What to use in the future
7. Goal (for this year)
8. Outcome

This is a beginning of the year spread so you can use it for your birthday, whenever you start the magical year, Gregorian New Year, etc.

I used the Sun and Moon Tarot to read. While I won't tell you all the cards I drew, I did pull the Sun card from 2 different decks. How's that! Also the significator is Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck, good or bad. This reminds us that nothing is written in stone and the cards serve to give us a possible outcome.

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