Thursday, March 19, 2015

UU Adult RE Spirit in Practice

For this week's journaling, reflect on something you do/have done to increase justice, equality, and/or compassion in the world. It could be serving at Sharing Table, bringing grape jelly to church, writing to your legislator, marching for a cause, participating in anti-racism training, adding some coins to an anonymous neighbor's expired parking meter, or any of an infinite number of expressions of interdependence. As you are reflecting on your practice, how would you articulate its deeper meaning? What inspires you about what you are doing? How does your action help you come alive?

What have I done to increase justice, equality, and compassion? Not enough but I'm trying to change that. I voted for the first time in 2012 as a registered Libertarian. Without arguing about politics, my goal is to educate whenever the topic comes up. (Did you know that the commission that handles the Presidential debates are owned / run by Dems and Reps? They set the rules for who gets to be in the debates which automatically disqualifies all 3rd party and independent candidates. Also most states have stipulations on 3rd parties in order to acquire and maintain ballot access. They have to meet a certain number of party-registered voters or else have to ask other voters to sign a petition. How is that fair or just? So I encourage those who say they are voting for the lesser of 2 evils to check out a 3rd party's platform.)

More recently, like today - just now - I registered for Pets on Wheels. My ex-religion didn't encourage any type of charity or community service, just their own door-knocking for converting purposes. Samus,, my 1st furbaby, is very friendly and I know she would bring a smile to someone's face.

Speaking of Samus - she is one of 4 furbabies that I have. They all come from my area rescues. If I had more room, I would have more kitties and puppies.

I'm not a people person. Really. I'm not. I'm painfully socially awkward but I deal with it well enough to get by. Samus picked me; she is such a loyal doggie. I hope with us doing PoW I can be a little less awkward.

My plan is to expand this part of my practice by participating more in the community service aspects via my church, (Honey, don't forget the grape jelly!)

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  1. Samus and you will bring a lot of smiles and comfort to people through Pets on Wheels. This sounds like a great fit.